Microblading is an advanced semi-permanent technique that creates natural hair strokes to fill in sparse or thinning brows. It is done using tiny, fine-point needles that scratch the surface of the skin, creating featherlight strokes on the outer layer of the skin. The pigment of the brows is determined according to the natural color of the eyebrows and hair. Microblading is best for normal to dry skin type and not suitable for old PMU coverup.

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Soft Powder Brows

The Soft Powder Brows method is a semi-permanent technique that creates a brow with a soft front and defined arch and tails. It involves the application of thousands of tiny dots to gradually build a set of brows with a soft and full look. Among Edge Brows clients, the Soft Powder Brow method is popular for its high-quality 3D appearance and minimal upkeep. This technique is suited to any age range and skin type and can be as defined and glamorous or subtle and natural as you wish and is fully customizable to give you your dream brows.

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Correction | Color Neutralization | Old tattoo Correction |

If you have your brows done by another artist and you wish to correct the shape and color, we are happy to offer you corrective work as long as your old tattoo has been faded by 50% or more. Corrective work is done using Microshading and/or Ombre technique. Please note that it cannot be done with the Microblading technique alone.

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If you have previous permanent eyebrow makeup, PLEASE TEXT 415-573-6329 or email a clear photo of your brows using the camera on the back of your phone. This camera produces a high resolution picture which allows us to zoom in and understand the situation to get an approval BEFORE booking an appointment. If you fail to do so, we may refuse you service and your deposit will be forfeited as not all previous tattoos from a different artist can be fixed or covered. If you show up to an appointment with previous work without approval, you will forfeit the deposit. Here are some examples of what NOT to send:

❌ filtered photos
❌ dirty mirror photos
❌ pictures with makeup on the brows
❌ pictures that are too far or too up close
❌ photos that are too dark or too bright

We generally like to see the brows from all 3 angles displayed in the picture above. No need to worry about your bad hair days or snapping the perfect selfie, we’re only here for the brows!


Eyeliner tattoo is a type of permanent makeup procedure that places pigment along the top and bottom eyelashes to define the eyes and gives an illusion of a thicker, darker and fuller lashes. Similar to any other tattoo, eyeliner pigment is injected with a tattoo needle into the skin of the eyelid.

Lash Enhancement

Lash enhancements are a permanent makeup technique that creates a natural, finely drawn eyeliner for the upper or lower eyelid. It is usually placed directly on the lash line for the natural, no makeup look. Lash enhancement comes with two main styles: natural eyeliner for the upper or lower lashline and winged eyeliner for the upper lashline. Do not include a winged tail and is thinner than designed eyeliner and it is simple and subtle but perfect for clients who do not want very much eyeliner.

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Winged eyeliner is a sophisticated looking liner. Treat yourself to hassle-free perfect winged eyeliner everyday. For those who wear winged eyeliner regularly, this saves your time, money and effort.

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Lip Blush is a permanent makeup procedure focused on lip color enhancement. The procedure outlines the border of the lips and uses an ombre technique to naturally create dimension and create the appearance of fuller, plush lips. Also, it will help to correct asymmetry or darkness of your lips. Unlike lip tattoos, Lip-Blush technique applies small dots of pigment in the lips using a needle. A tattoo on your lips sounds pretty painful, and it varies depending on your pain tolerance, however, the average pain level is between 0-3 with 10 being the most painful.

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Dark lip neutralization is a color correction process to even out the dark tones in the lips. A tattoo needle is used to implant the corrector color to the lips which result in more even toned and lighter color lips. May require 2 touch-up sessions depending on the intensity of the darkness in the original lip color.

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Saline Tattoo removal is a procedure that uses a saline solution to draw tattoo ink or pigment out of the skin. It can be used to lighten or fully remove previous permanent makeup.

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A lash lift is a great alternative to lash extensions. Using your own lashes to enhance the length and curl. Your lash lift will be customized to your natural lash length and eye shape, as well as your own level of curl. The results last up to 6-10 weeks.

Best for:
• Looking for no extensions or fake eyelashes
• Looking for less maintenance and not ruin their natural lashes

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Microneedling (Collagen Induction Therapy) is a cosmetic procedure used to promote collagen production, in order to achieve more smooth, firm, and evenly toned skin. This treatment is ideal and effective for clients with conditions such as acne, scars, dark spots, maturing skin, and large pores (exceptions may apply). Multiple treatments may be needed for the best results.

• Reducing the appearance of scars, including acne scars
• Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Reducing enlarged pores
• Reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation, or dark spots
• Smoothing uneven skin tone
• Improving skin elasticity
• Reducing the appearance of stretch marks
• Reducing the appearance of scars

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