Permanent Makeup Removal

Undo is a revolutionary brand offering a unique approach to tattoo and permanent makeup removal. Our patented non-laser removal system helps lighten and remove unwanted ink, providing a gentle alternative without lasers, saline, or harsh acids.
Her mission is to help women enhance their natural beauty, whether through teaching or providing treatments. For students, Diana’s world-class courses offer the skills to become their own bosses and empower others. For clients, it means saving time and feeling beautiful every day.

Diana’s dedication to perfecting her craft has led her to study with expert artists worldwide, bringing their skills to her San Francisco clients. Her milestones include:

- 2014: Obtained esthetician license
- 2016: Trained under a master artist in South Korea
- 2016: Completed PhiBrows course in Los Angeles
- 2017: Designed, built, and opened Edge Brows
- 2018: Studied at Fleekbrows Studio in Vietnam
- 2019: Studied Advanced Combo Brows at Beauty Angels
- 2019:Studied Lip Brush at Moon Company
- 2019: Learned lift tattoo removal techniques & color theory at GirlzInk
- 2020: Certified and joined a Gold member by the American Academy of Micropigmentation
- 2020: Studied Hair Strokes at Nataliya Yeremenko Academy - 2021: Celebrated transforming their 1000th happy client at Edge Brows
- 2021: Studied hairstrokes at Fleekbrows
- 2021: Upgraded skills at Beaute Academy
- 2022: Opened a second Edge Brows location with an on-site classroom
- 2022: Studied color theory at Lulu Academy
- 2022: Completed a coaching course with Pretty Rich Bosses
- 2023: Studied nano hairstrokes with Browoppa
- 2023: Upgraded Lip Brush skills and color theory at Coco Academy - 2023: Acquired San Francisco branch for Old smudged Eyeliner tattoo Fix skills
- 2023: Studied tattoo removals with Undo
- 2024: Completed 3500th procedure done with no complaints

Edge Brows is a welcoming space where women can enhance their natural beauty and gain confidence. Using the finest products and techniques, Diana ensures exceptional results in semi-permanent makeup.

Call to book an appointment today! Phone: 415-573-6329